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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When do regular season games start?
Answer: Games start between the 1st and 15th of April depending on the weather and when the fields are suitable for play.

Question: Only one or 2 age groups are available for my player in registration, what if I want to register for a different division?
Answer: Requests to play in a division other than that listed for the participant's age group can be made to the division representatives listed at here.  These requests require agreement from the division representative of both the division the player is requesting to move into, and out of, or the JLL Board of Directors.  Participants are required to register in the division listed on the website, with adjustments made in the background for approved exceptions.

: What time do games start?
Answer: Games typically start between 5:15 and 6:00, early in the season only 1 game is played per night in most divisions.  In May, doubleheaders (though different teams) are often required with the first game starting at 5:15 and the second game starting around 7:00.

Question: What days of the week are games played?
Answer: JLL works hard to schedule games Monday through Friday so as to minimize conflicts with tournament baseball and soccer, both of which predominantly play on weekends.  While some weekend play may be required for make-up games in larger divisions, this will be minimal.

Question: When does the regular season end?
Answer: Mid-June for all.

Question: Is there a season ending tournament?
Answer: Yes, typically these run for 1 week in early/mid June for the Minor AA to Junior/Senior divisions.

Question: What is "All-Stars" and how does that program work?
Answer: Near the end of the regular season, coaches have the privilege of nominating players from their regular season teams to represent JLL at district, state, regional and World Series tournaments.  Managers and the division representative meet and vote on those that will ultimately be select for the team.  All-star team can start practicing in mid-June and compete in tournaments in late June/July/August.

Question: How often do teams practice?
Answer: Its up to the coach, but plan for once a week.

Question: Does my son need a bat, batting helmet or catcher's gear to play?
Answer: No, JLL provides a bat, batting helmets, and a full set of catchers gear for every team.  While many do prefer to bring their own gear, all that is required is a glove.

Question: What is covered by my registration fee?
Answer: In addition to covering umpire expenses and field maintenance, registration fees included a jersey and hat making up the players uniform.  Pants are not furnished and a specific color isn't required, though a coach might make a suggestion for the team.

Question: Are there other parental obligations associated with JLL participation?
Answer: No, concessions stand responsibilities were discontinued in 2019 and forward when JLL partnered with West Side Concessions to run the concession stand at Lew Clarkson park.

Question: What is the 50/70 Intermediate league?  And what is the difference between it and the Junior division?
Answer: 50/70 represents the dimensions of field. The Majors play on a field a distance of 46 ft from the pitchers mound to home plate and 60 ft between the bases. Juniors play on a field with 60 ft pitchers mound and 90 ft bases.  The 50/70 option was added several years ago at the national level as a way to transition from the smaller (46/60) to the full size (60/90) fields incrementally. 12 year olds have the option to play either or both 50/70 and Majors.  13 year olds can play either or both Juniors and 50/70.  Scheduling priority will be given to ensure no or minimal conflicts between Junior division games and 50/70, maximizing players ability to play in both.  50/70 and Major teams will have some conflicts, but JLL is committed to flexibility when a players games between the two leagues conflict.

Question: When are tryouts (player evaluations)?
Answer: Early March.  Your league coordinator will be contacting you with exact times and more details.

Question: What is Big Bat?
Answer: It is JLL's version of t-ball. The kids use big plastic bats and whiffle balls. There is no tees used. We have found that it is easier for a 4-5 year old to hit with a lighter bat and not off of a tee. The whiffle balls also give the kids confidence to try to catch the ball without the fear of getting hurt.

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